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Workamajig Desktop Configuration: Useful Widgets

by Success Manager, February 19, 2015

Finance director Linda and head of Art Brett both love how Workamajig desktops can be configured and customized

Linda. My official title at Calico is finance director, but one of my unofficial duties is administrating Workamajig for the agency. It sounds like it might be a lot of extra work, but it’s really not — Workamajig is so simple to use and easy to customize that making it work for our agency is pretty straightforward. Configuring the desktop features and widgets available to employees helps productivity immensely. And not that I have a fixation on control or anything, but being able to manage the way my staff uses the system is… satisfying.

Brett. “Manage.” That’s an interesting word for “dictate.”

Linda. Don’t make me reject your expense report from El Matadero, Brett.

Problem: How do I make sure employees have access to all of the widgets they need — and actually use them?

Solution: Workamajig lets me configure users’ desktops based on their job functions.

Workamajig comes pre-loaded with default settings for user desktops based on Workamajig’s knowledge of how agencies work. And most of the defaults fit our needs already. But when I need to make adjustments, all I have to do is open up the security groups I’ve set up for the agency — production managers, media buyers, clients, everyone — and choose from the list of available widgets. Click a few boxes, and now production can use the Daily Feed but not the Chargeability Summary. Didn’t see the printer proofs for the Burger Burger point-of-sale posters, Brett? I don’t believe you. It was on your Items to Approve widget.

Brett. First of all, I did approve those proofs, Linda. For the record, I take care of my approvals every morning, right after I finish sharpening all of my pencils to the same length.

Second of all, Linda appreciates necessary widgets, but she doesn’t appreciate orthogonal lines, symmetry and white space. Thankfully, Workamajig does (because they know how art directors work, too, Linda), so they make it easy for users to customize their own desktops. I already had widgets for Active Projects, My Activities and My Items to Approve. I also wanted My Tasks and Today’s Meetings, to keep track of everything I need to do and everything my creatives are doing. So I went to the Configure Desktop window and dragged those onto my desktop.

As important as the widgets, though, is the desktop itself — the desktop background. That expanse of space begging for beauty in a pixelated sea of calendars, lists and reminders. That space currently taken up, in default settings, with a kitten.

Linda. It’s telling you to hang in there.

Brett. But my soul isn’t a kitten. My soul is a beach at sunset, red and gold and full of boundless potential but also about to go to sleep. So I chose that as my desktop background, and then I clicked the little plus sign next to “Widgets” to create an additional desktop uncluttered by work, for an unobstructed view of my beach at sunset.

Linda. What about a kitten at sunset?

Brett. There’s potential there. Let’s have a meeting about that.

Linda. I’ll schedule it right now using the Today’s Meetings widget.

Brett. It really is a cute kitten. And it’s an important message.

- Linda, Finance Director, and Brett, Head of Art, Calico Agency

 Brett says that Workamajig's desktop configuration features are as beautiful as symmetrically sharpened pencils

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