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Workamawhat? From Nightmare to Dream Machine!

by Jessica Brannen, March 6, 2014

Introduction to Workamajig – The Nightmare

My first time using Workamajig was all but easy. Why is my task distributed .25 hour over eight days? Why did my task disappear? Why can't you see the project I created? These are three of what felt like millions of kinks I ran into in only my first couple weeks working with Workamacallit.

I wanted to kick and scream at this new system we were forced to use.  WHY?? What was wrong with the old school way of spreadsheets - sweet little spreadsheets. Each one a wonder of mathematical calculations of its own, without any complicated communication between them.

The next Monday, after a weekend of scheduling nightmares, I came back to work, put the Rocky theme song on and I decided I was going to give this program everything I had. I wanted answers!

There were items upon items, questions upon questions. Words like "constraint", "traffic calendar", "predecessors" and "durations" flying around in my head.  I knew these had to be useful, but how? I didn't know where to begin, so I rolled up my sleeves and dove right in.

Working with Workamajig – Turning a Nightmare into a Dream

Luckily, Workamajig offers support. More like a "Support Group" I thought. Disheveled and broken, I spoke to the perky representative and begged for help. I wanted to know everything she knew about the system that I didn't - which was nearly everything. To my surprise she dissected every question, every issue, and every pain I had.

An hour and a half later, I had all the ammo I needed. I was ready for battle!

Workamajig – The Dream Machine!

Why did it distribute my task over eight days? Easy - I didn't have my plan dates set. Why did my tasks disappear? Simple - I didn't put them into production. And why couldn't others see my projects I created?  They weren't assigned to the task - My bad, Workamajig.

After going toe to toe, fighting in the ring with this crazy project management program, I started to fall in love. Why thank you, Workamajig, for reminding me that I did indeed forget that was due today.  It noticed I had too much to do in one day, let everyone know, and showed me what a real scheduling program is supposed to do.

Over the following weeks we grew a great bond, and my life is a better place with Workamajig in it. Thank you, Workamajig!

Jessica Brannen - Account Executive - Kelsey Advertising & Design


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