Workamajig Gives Matchstic Power to Strike

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See how Matchstic, an Atlanta-based branding agency, was able to track efficiency and profitability using Workamajig's agency management platform.

In 2011, Matchstic was a young company and just getting past the point where a text document was enough to manage project traffic. That’s when Becky O’Mara joined the company to formalize operations.

After searching for the right solution for the agency’s specific needs, Workamajig emerged as the clear leader because of its unique ability to connect team performance, profitability and financials. They saw the promise it held for understanding and improving the firm’s health and performance. Today, with the help of Workamajig, Matchstic can see what kind of work is most profitable and efficient; bookkeeping is more predictable and there is more structure around everything the firm does.

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  • An interview with Matchstic’s Operations Director, Becky O’Mara, ‘Does Workamajig really deliver?’
  • How Workamajig helped Matchstic increase billable hours and get expenses under control.
  • How efficient resource and traffic management has contributed to company success.

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