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How Workamajig Lets Everyone at Calico Agency Go Home on Time

by Success Manager, June 13, 2014

I’m the traffic and resource manager at Calico Agency, which basically means it’s my job to know where every creative project is. And where every creative body is. And where everybody is on every creative project. It’s a lot of pressure, honestly, and if I wasn’t so good at my job, it would be easy to be bad at my job. I call my job 'Creative Project Management.'

I’d noticed recently that we had a pretty serious resource distribution issue—the office was pretty evenly divided between people who were running around with their hair on fire and people who were bored out of their minds. Our creative agency was busy, but not so busy that people should have been staying late every night to finish their work and meet deadlines. And the only nod to that problem was asking, “Hey, who’s really busy right now?” in our morning meeting, when half the people who were busy weren’t even at the meeting because they were at their desks, finishing up projects.

It was my job to fix that. Or it felt like my job, anyway.

Problem: How do I find the balance between busy and overburdened for my creative staff?

Solution: Workamajig lets me know where everyone is and what they’re doing, so I can figure out what they could be doing.

With Workamajig, I can see everyone’s schedule in real time—account services, creatives, production, everyone. I can see how many hours they have assigned to them each day, and for what projects. And I can see what will be coming up in the future and how much personpower it’s likely to take.

That makes it easy for me to assign work. I look at who’s free and who’s going to be free, and who’s slammed and who’s about to be slammed. Then I just redistribute the work, making sure everyone is working steadily and no one’s overburdened. If I need to bring in outside resources to help take care of the extra work, I can give them plenty of lead time. And if a creative is sitting at their desk twiddling their thumbs, I can find them something productive to do.

The creatives love it—Billy, one of our designers, says he works a lot better when he doesn’t have a lot of downtime to get distracted. And everyone loves getting to go home on time at the end of the day. Plus, we save nine seconds every morning not having to ask who’s overwhelmed.

Who’s overwhelmed? No one is. I’m on it.

Angela out.

- Angela, Traffic Manager, Calico Agency

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